Sunday, 10 March 2013

The 2012 Cinema Touch Awards - PICTURE

Julien Faddoul

5. Moonrise Kingdom

For a romance which, from first shot to last, completely convinces in tone, aesthetic and significance.

4. Amour

For a devastating sonnet that never simplifies the entanglements of immense emotional pain that is inevitable for all of us.


3. Holy Motors

For a visionary dissection on cinematic storytelling that is both sombre and humorous and utterly irresistible.

2. Lincoln

For the year's most remarkably human endeavor. It's not only the year's highest accomplishment of craft, but also of the heart.

1. The Color Wheel

For an astonishing chapter in the story of the cinema. Plucked from the depths of where all true cinema is born, this film towered over every other. It is the best film I saw in 2012.

My Top Ten

6. The Master
7. Looper
8. Oslo, August 31st
9. The Cabin in the Woods
10. The Deep Blue Sea

Honorable Mentions

Marvel's The Avengers
Cloud Atlas

Films I'm Sad to Have Missed

Head Games
The House I Live In
How to Survive a Plague
Keep the Lights On
Middle of Nowhere
Red Hook Summer
A Simple Life
Sleepless Night
The Wise Kids 

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